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Will you get NBA 2K17?

nba 2k17 vs nba 2k16

Are you excited about the NBA 2K17 release? If you were to asked me I am.
In just a month, you can now witness the best basketball franchise called NBA 2K17. It is followed by millions of gamers worldwide. I also considered myself as a follower of the game because I purchase every NBA 2K edition every year. NBA 2K17 will be released on September 26, 2016 but, you can get it earlier if you pre-order. You can choose to order the regular edition  – Paul George being the cover or the Legend edition(Kobe Bryant). Some of the pre-order bonus includes 30,000 VC, Kobe 11 shoes and exclusive Kobe Bryant Jersey.

First Official Video Trailer

NBA 2K17 1st video trailer has just been released few days ago. In the video, you can see the 2016 USA Men’s Olympic Basketball team and the 1992 USA Men’s Olympic Dream team. The background song of the video is the USA national anthem.

First Official Screenshot
Aside from the video above,  you can see a screenshot of the previous NBA 2K edition and the upcoming NBA 2K17. Based from my opinion, Paul George seems to be darker with regards to skin tone. NBA 2K also focused on the texture of the skin and tattoos. Paul George seemed to have bigger body in NBA 2K17.

First Look at the Gameplay
According to IGN, a new system of gameplay will be implemented. In myCareer mode, Kobe Bryant will be the one to mentor you in your high school days up to your Professional Basketball Career(NBA).

My Verdict
If you want to play the game sooner and build up your myCareer strong, I recommend you to pre-order it.
There is a saying that early bird catches the worm early.
What is your opinion? Are you still thinking of buying this NBA 2K17? if not leave us your comment below why?