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NBA 2K18 Review for PS4 & Xbox One

nba 2k18 review

NBA 2K18 is once again the best basketball video game for this year. On and off the court 2k sports doesn’t fail to deliver upgrades for the game. It’s because there is always a new feature added to the game. One of this is the MyNeighborhood. For our nba 2k18 review, it makes the game more realistic for now because you can already meet and greet with your friends outside the park. Visual Concepts also made few adjustments on myGM mode of the game. It provided Instructions for myGM microtransactions. Microtransactions involves the use of locker codes system to unlock new goods and player cards as a boost to your myPlayer.

Lets start our nba 2k18 review by going to the Gameplay first.

nba 2k18 review

NBA 2K18 Gameplay

When it comes to shooting the ball and playing offense, the players look like a little slow. Player movements drastically reduced.  Nonetheless, shooting inside and from the outside is still the same and I’m actually very happy for it. There were also cases of inability to finish the dunk from few players but, It was fixed by the latest NBA 2K18 Patch. If you are looking for nba 2k19 locker codes read this article: NBA 2K19 Locker Codes PS4 & Xbox One Tutorial

When it comes to defense, blocking your opponents has never been easier. If you play in the Hall Of Fame Difficulty level, you wont be able to dunk against Dwight Howard, Hassan Whiteside or Even Anthony Davis. We shouldn’t worry about that because its just fair.

There are also cases of ocassional floor slides which can break your momentum of the game. Be sure to make appropriate timeouts too, in order to disrupt the flow of your opponents offense.

NBA 2K18 In-Game Sounds and Environment

NBA 2k18 is and all around video game copy of NBA.  Cyberfaces, animations and their signature moves was also introduced. The crowds were fantastic as ever and it really look like the one you see in different team Arena’s. You can see an upgrade on the lighting of the court and in the environment.

Audio presentation from the game is excellent. I absolutely commend the selections of soundtracks. It makes me feel more comfortable in playing the game.

It’s also advisable to stay away from using the instant replay option from the game cause it will give you inconsistencies from different camera angle.


NBA 2K18 myCareer

Spike lee directed the previous serie. NBA 2k18 Career mode is better. This time, your created myPlayer would be a prospect for NBA Professional Career. Your Created myPlayer will be drafted in NBA League after playing few games. It’s always been a good game because of this mycareer feature.

Other NBA 2K18 Game Mode Includes

  • MyGM
  • MyTeam
  • My Neighborhood

Other game modes are fun to play with. You will be able to play and connect with your friends online. (Reminder)
You should have strong internet connection. Best part of it was to play in myNeighborhood, its an awesome and thrilling experience in practicing in the gym.

NBA 2K18 Cover

Another thing to notice is the design of the COVER. Kyrie Irving is the Standard Edition of the game; Shaquille O’neal was the Legend Edition and the Gold Edition Cover of NBA 2K18 . Many fans were happy since the cover for ps4 and xbox one was already change after the release of the game last September 15, 2017.


NBA 2K18 Review (Verdict)

NBA 2K18 is still the best sports video game for 2017 aside from its flaws.  Gamers should realize that the purpose of playing the game is to have fun. As a gamer, you will be able to connect with your friends and be able to do what you want in the game. I recommend you buying the game because it still give me excitement whenever I try to touch my PS4 or Xbox One controller.