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NBA 2K17 Trailer Released: Stunning Graphics to look for

NBA 2K17 Trailer entitled #FRICTION was released last August 22, 2016.
The video trailer comes out with Imagine Dragons song Entitled “FRICTION”.


As you have seen in the video, Interactions are made better. I can see that the emotions of players are real.

On the other hand,
Derrick Rose appeared at the very beginning of the video with his new team New York Knicks.

There is also a sighting of Kobe Bryant at #8 Jersey.

Another thing we can see in the trailer is that, players have more detailed tattoos.
NBA 2K made a good point on showing some of the best players in the NBA.
Lebron James, Chris Paul, Paul George and even Blake Griffin.
There is also a sighting of sophomore players like Karl Anthony Towns and D’ Angelo Rusell.
The game is more exciting than it used to be. I will now tell my observations below.

What now?

From my main observation,

The graphics of NBA 2K17 Trailer just got a lot of improvement, the arenas are well lit. Furthermore, 2k also developed lots of improvement on its gameplay. I think that there will be more of  this for the entire month of August.
As the game release is coming, I think it’s best that I will pre-order the game for now.
I want to post my review on my blog sooner.

Do you have something to say?Is this 2k17 trailer legit? Leave a comment below