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NBA 2K17 Review for PS4

nba 2k17 review ps4

NBA 2K17 Review was just released few days ago. Gamers were very happy and excited about the game. However, there may be more fans who have not purchased the game that’s why NBA2KWorld is doing this NBA 2K17 Review. Fans of the game should be able to decide whether the game is improved after reading this nba 2k17 review. Before anything else, this review would be based on my Playstation 4. NBA2KWorld hereby stated that the game is reviewed based on the Paul George Standard Edition.

Let’s start with the Arena.

nba 2k17 review arena
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The Arena received one major upgrade, that is the arena crowd. NBA 2K Added new recordings of the arena crowd. 2k made this amazingly to remove monotony from the game. Golden State Warriors being the most noisy crowd. The floors and the court have been more detailed as compared to nba 2k16. Pack with different lightings and ambience, NBA 2K17 Arena are more Realistic.

There is also an upgrade to the NBA 2K17 game commentary. Chris Webber and Doris Burke are included in the game as commentators.

What are the new features?

Moving out from the appearance review.
The game would be also reviewed based from the following:
1. Ball-handling
2. Shooting
3. Defending
4. Game Modes

So let’s Start


In the game, NBA Players seemed to be more protective with the ball this year. They can easily drive to the basket without forcing a turnover. Flicking the right analog stick let’s you protect the ball from the defender. Meanwhile, there are also changes with regards to the crossover as NBA 2K17 decided to add Allen Iverson’s crossover move to the series. It will take to master dribbling moves but once you practice, you will easily get to the basket from time to time.


Players are deadlier. JJ Reddick, Damian Lillard to name a few. The all new shot meter is somewhat questionable for me because there is more need on timing. Pressing the shot button immediately will be a pain for your game. You should practice timing to beat your friends. If you are player is very tired, your shooting percentage and accuracy decreases.


It has been very good for this year’s NBA 2K17. The AI are more intelligent in stealing the ball. It has the same control for the nba 2k17, Pressing the L2 Button allows you to lockdown opposing player.
As the previous series, locking down defender would defend on your defensive attribute. Players should be aware of this.

Game modes

There are different game modes in NBA 2K17. MyCareer, MyLeague, MyGM, MyPark and NBA 2K17 Locker codes feature

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Which GameMode is the best?

MyCareer is far one of the best game modes to see. It is fully packed with cinematic story mode with upgrades. Michael B. Jordan has been added to the game as your duo and will be also known as Young Justice. In the game, you will be able to switch and direct control to both player. This is what I like in the game.

In MyLeague, you can customize your game and the number of games per season. It works the same as the previous series. There is nothing much to talk about this as the development for this mode is stagnant.

Next is MyGM, this game is pretty much the same. You will be the General Manager for your team handling the work of trading picks and the likes. I would like to emphasized the use of MyGM mode. This is one of the best mode to try in your first 3 days of playing the game.

Last Game mode to check is the MyPark. I heard that the servers were already upgraded. It means that you will be able to play less latency with 2K servers.
The game mode is fully packed with new animations in the park and you’ll be able to achieve better if you have crew in the park.

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All in all, I say that NBA 2K17 should be a must game to purchase this year. You can experience lots of fun by playing the game. All the thrills on and off the court will be available. The Latest Face Scan Feature is more accurate than the previous game. If you want to look at yourself as a player in the game, you should take this game before the year end.