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Doris Burke, Chris Webber Added to NBA 2K17 Commentary Team

nba 2k17 commentary

nba 2k17 commentary
Commentary is one of the most controversial part of any video game. It can make or break your interest to the game. These commentaries are useful to improve gaming experience. Once a gamer disliked it, you just wasted another fan of the game.

With just few weeks ahead and you will be able to play on NBA 2K17. NBA 2K posted a video about NBA 2K17 Commentary. In the video, Doris Burke and Chris Webber is added to the official lists of commentators. Meaning, they will join the team of Kevin Harlan and Greg Anthony.

Moreover, I know that it sounded like similar to Madden NFL 17 but, this game commentary will make a huge impact on your game. NBA 2K made this approach to seal the monotony from the game.

Do you agree that NBA 2K16 commentary is a bit boring? If yes, then this approach will solve it.
You can see the full video trailer below.

NBA 2K17 Commentary Video Trailer

Hall of Famer Steve Smith told that the game is amazing in many ways. He said that the game new dynamics on commentary systems is a new idea to make the game realistic.Furthermore, the game analysts were invited to record their actual voice.

Later in the video,  we see how nba 2k17 improved its in-game audio. 2K sports added new pack of recorded voice lines from different coaches in the league. On the other hand, this update included 11 national broadcasters, 400 hours of commentary, and new post-game report.

Lastly, Your myCareer Player will have a chance to be interviewed by Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith. You can answer by choosing from the options.

NBA 2K17 Commentary is a solid idea for NBA 2K. It is something to look for in NBA 2K17 Game.
You can still pre-order it if you have time.