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NBA 2K17 Review

The latest NBA 2K17 installment is one of a kind. Unlike previous installment, the face scan is a little bit easier. Why did I tell that? It's because you can scan your face using your IOS or Android Devices. Another thing to mention is the gameplay, the artificial intelligence is better than before. Why? It's because shooting the ball is harder than ever. You will be amazed on how the gameplay has developed. 2K sports continue to develop the player's cyberfaces including the arena and the crowd.

In myCareer, you will see that the player you control can have their in-game work-out. Sounds great right? you can condition yourself to have your game to the next level. In the game, you can also customized the training you want before you step on the basketball court. Here is the full review I created for you. It was based on the game modes of the NBA 2K17 game.

1. Game Modes
There are different game modes in NBA 2k17 such as; MyCAREER, MyGM, MyLEAGUE, MyTEAM and MyPARK. MyCAREER is one of the best modes. Michael B. Jordan also known as Young Justice was added as your duo. In this mode, you will make decisions about your player’s career like which relationships to develop with other players and what endorsements to make. What I like in the game is that you will be able to direct control and to switch to both players. In MyGM, you will be the General Manager for your team running the work of trading picks and the likes. In addition, you can modify your MyGM experience with league expansion. In your first 3 days, this is one of the best modes to try in the game. MyLEAGUE works the same as the previous series, so the development of this mode is dormant. The only difference is that it will let you experience a full 30-team league. MyTEAM allows users to customize their arenas, jerseys, logo and court floors. New features include revamped 3-on-3 mode and limited-use Free Agent Cards. Users can also create their own NBA franchise. MyPARK is fully packed with new animations in the park like music party with the new “Park After Dark” series. You can play with others in 2-on-2, 3-on-3, or 5-on-5 games within these parks.

2. Shooting
Timing is very important to beat your friends. You need more timing in the new shot meter because it will be a pain in your game if not successful. Players like JJ Reddick and Damian Lillard are deadlier. Keep in mind that your player needs to take a break because once he is tired, the shooting accuracy decreases.

3. Defending
Be good in defending because AI now is more intelligent in getting the ball. To lockdown the opposing player, just press the L2 Button. Additionally, players should be aware that lockingdown defender would defend on your defensive attribute.

4. Ball-handling
This year, players are more protective with the ball by just flipping the right analog stick. They can easily shoot the ball without forcing a turnover. There are changes regarding crossover because NBA 2K17 added Allen Iverson crossover move to the series. Dribbling moves is not that easy, so take time to practice and I assure you that getting to the basket will be easy. In general, NBA 2K17 should be a must game to purchase this year. You will experience here fun and thrill on the court. You can have your face as the player’s face, since the Face Scan Feature is more accurate than before. So, what are you waiting for! Buy NBA 2K17 now to experience the changes and its new features.

More About NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is reported to have lots of improvement. We have improvement listing for lighting improvement and animation improvement. On animation improvement, players are more detailed. It means that the face of the nba 2k roster is more real life characters. It has more sweats and real life complexion.

It is also stated that, the crossovers and the shot release is more accurate compared to live shooting form of players. Also, One of the developers for crossover reported that the Shamgod of Kyrie is being perfected. New dunk sets including the 720 and viral no look dunk from Jay Kilagnon are made available. On the other hand, the lighting improvements deals with the arena and in-game menus. This is to make you feel that the game is too look close to reality.

About the gameplay changes

Playing your starting five for the entire 48 minutes makes your player start missing shots, slow to react and more subjected to injuries.

Rebounding the ball will be more difficult compared to nba 2k16. You can choose to tap it to your teammate or just get it for the sake of your own stat. Intercepting the ball from opponents would be also difficult for this year NBA 2K17.

With regards to the roster

1992 Olympic Dream team was added to game. Players like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller and Larry bird will be included on the team. USA Basketball team for Rio Olympics is also included in the latest franchise. At this point, you still have a lot of announcements to hear from 2K Sports. Remember that The game will be released at the end of September. Stay tune and always check out for our website. We will also list the latest locker codes available for your game console. Bookmark this page for future reference.


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