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5 NBA 2K20 Locker Codes You Can’t Miss

nba 2k20 locker codes

NBA 2K20 Locker Codes is a mixed 20 digit number and characters that when redeemed successfully, you will get or have a chance to get rare items. This is very important because your progress in playing NBA 2K20 would be faster and you won’t consume much more time to grind. We believe that your time is out most important after all and exchanging money for locker codes for time is totally worth at all. Again mentioning it above, it will benefit you in the long run.

What are Locker Codes?

Locker Codes are free given by NBA 2K and they encourage players to follow the Twitter account for updated locker codes they give. This is a good opportunity for the players to milk everything and if there are no locker codes given, then it would be harder for the player to grind.

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NBA 2K20 Locker Codes List

Here are the list of locker codes for nba 2k20 that was released up to date. Please take note that there is some expiration on some codes so you cannot redeem all of it.

CodesReward/Expiration Date
TRIPL-N6MK2-N6QQC-NTVX2-P3THDMyTeam Consumables Pack - 9/7
COACH-JA2VL-2WKLD-AYAUE-Y4W3VMyTeam Coach Pack - 9/10
TOKEN-Z32HC-NFFWB-TRTJ4-T6N9GGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token - 9/25
HCLC1-VWSRX-M8KS6-7AWEN-XJ9NJGrizzlies-Hornets Heat Check Pack - 10/1
GETIT-DUWW7-AN5F3-FPEZB-9VMWCChance at Tokens MTP - 10/10
SPOOK-XFDVQ-KGPE4-7X5DE-YHRKXChance at 75 Tokens - 10/13
TRIPL-ANZ6F-3CGM2-TGRRA-NN6URConsumable Pack - 10/16
PREMR-X5GBY-ZVJ83-F8LVF-J64N5Knicks – Pacers Pack - 11/5
NIQUE-BWB3Q-UFNGT-2KRER-PTQV4Dominique Wilkins Chance Pack - 11/6
COACH-MQZFU-GFZQH-GALM2-DAF35Diamond Coach Chance Pack - 11/9
HEATC-C6GDY-K8DAH-WRY47-L6GEPHeat Check Chance Pack - 11/10
-#NBA2K_2KTV_KEMBARandom Kemba Walker Variant - 11/12
TOKEN-Y6KEL-48E29-663EN-VU5JKChance at 20 Tokens - 11/13
BOBPE-UECBE-FKQHC-HYAPP-8FXKQChance at Bob Pettit - 11/13
PACKS-FFKZF-K8B2J-9PDWW-4DE74Deluxe League Pack - 11/15
PREMR-BXUZQ-NQP8B-VEJQF-SYMXYKings/Bucks throwback Pack - 11/17
SENSA-X7ZLE-MX9V4-434VL-PWYCX- Rookie Sensation Pack - 11/19
AMKAJ-4EYA7-GRPTT-QF7VV-ZER48Chance at Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 11/19
TOKEN-7MPDH-MHDZM-3Q3BA-5MN8ZChance at 20 Tokens - 11/20
JEFFH-EHPMF-3RJ4F-WNE8E-8M57QChance at Jeff Hornacek - 11/23
GREEN-TG39B-JYKR6-RTJJ9-C5BEZChance at A.C. Green - 11/26
STOCK-A98DZ-XFGAA-3G9KG-FM8ZWChance at John Stockton - 11/26
TOKEN-47CR2-WTHWK-YDXYF-U64KGChance at Tokens - 12/3
ORLBK-YXNP7-GY7KR-RYB6L-WMP3N- Throwback Pack Magic/Nets - 12/4
GRCHA-GQRFR-A24WD-VTERX-Y7RLTThrowback Grizzlies/Hornets Pack - 12/6
LEAGU-HF7J9-ZZPRC-ZGTAK-V7PJXChance at Deluxe Moments Pack - 12/8
JAMES-C37TJ-BAJQ5-25RTT-GB96RChance at James Worthy - 12/10
ELITE-PTVTX-925J5-37WZ9-2G93FChance at Elite Throwback Pack - 12/11
TODAL-WMV2G-9GN7D-L8E7Z-TQD34Mavs/Raptors Throwback Pack - 12/12
TOKEN-NNDJ5-QBTJ2-JVXHE-EMS6DChance at 20 Tokens - 12/18
KEVIN-BY2D9-X2A68-X7TEK-FALQ4Chance at Diamond Kevin McHale - 12/19
MTPRN-K4HD8-273HU-M49AG-XKJUGMyTeam Points - 12/21
MERRY-NS49H-RRNNN-86L24-NBWLYX-Mas Code - 12/22
MAGIC-8CTA8-QA3HM-AA6DW-CYQ5AChance at Magic Johnson - 12/24
MERRY-85YQM-ULZ7M-DCA7J-VFMH72nd X-mas code - 12/25
PINKD-55555-BBBBB-22222-FFFFFPink Diamond Card - 12/27
MTEEP-12345-12345-12345-1234525-50k MTP Code - 12/28
BLAKE-G5JB6-93QYP-W74CB-FBTFZBlake Griffin Chance - 12/30
FREAK-PK2CH-FVZP6-QD59K-75CE9Chance at Giannis - 1/3
HIGHV-LFVYA-Z377E-M9TKJ-D4XEEHigh Voltage Pack - 1/6
BOBLA-89KPP-QKR8L-V8LMN-7VXHABig Bob Lanier Chance - 1/8
FLYTE-G2PP8-23V6G-JP9X9-6ZFAPFlight School Deluxe Pack chance - 1/17
TDIHB-UCHU8-DZCE2-AQA9H-PJD8AThis Day In History player chance - 1/18
TOKEN-AFW2A-LEDUR-2F3G2-DJX3L20 Tokens Chance - 1/21
ROOKE-73DCK-D2NAW-VUREN-H9ZYVElite Rookie Chance 1/23
MADMX-4HWTA-U2RR3-RBAFV-GGMF7Chance at Mad Max 1/26
TBELT-JMV2K-CKFZT-8G4VH-JRMFJThrowback Elite Pack - 1/29
MTNOW-J82UN-6BMMQ-2BCRL-V9KHCGuaranteed MyTeam points - 1/30
TOKEN-KJWGW-Z3LHT-78WAL-XT635Chance at 20 Tokens - 2/01
BLAKE-ATKZH-NWE6B-8BQP4-7Q7D220th Anniversary Pack chance - 2/03
BOSLA-TJZ5L-47XUJ-K4KDQ-GHP4PBoston/L.A. Throwback - 2/6
HOUGS-MVDQH-2QYJP-RKQPQ-D3ZJBRockets/Warriors Throwback pack - 2/10
MAMBA-JLMAN-HP248-G4R4W-LTVPN$250,000 Tournament short-lived code - 2/14
KAT32 - Chance at Diamond cardKarl-Anthony Towns - 2/14
CNYMT-4ZJT4-PJ5WQ-A8B4U-YTANCChinese New year Code - 2/16
CHA19-29SN6-KZ2HZ-7Q2XP-UXQCUAll-Star Moments pack chance - 2/17
CHA19-G8JYP-6MJ3A-H46P7-ZYYPCAll-Star Moments pack chance - 2/18
TOKEN-HKW8Y-Q4GNE-QGC2B-QAR2BChance at 20 Tokens - 2/20
DELUX-9A3RG-FARPZ-FPMY8-AXX7TDeluxe League Moments pack chance - 2/24
MAMBA-TD4BK-A4JTT-QXKPG-M248520th Anniversary Mamba pack - 2/25
TOKEN-RZBXW-GWABG-6RUUM-A3WRJChance at 20 Tokens - 2/26
DAMEL-A7XW3-TVLEM-CRFHW-MXQX3Chance at Damian Lillard - 3/4
ELITE-J7XBJ-RA23Z-DM4VF-2L7R5Chance at Throwback Elite - 3/6
LEBRO-6RUF8-VMMXE-3GK5J-RUR27Chance at Lebron 20th pack - 3/7
MAGIC-AMKRY-GEQ8Y-KMYFG-78FN9Magic 20th Pack - 3/9

TOKEN-VFGLG-QLLXH-JWBKC-AJQLRChance at 75 tokens - 3/11

If you are having problems getting codes

Use the link below to get your free codes

Open https://www.nba2kworld.net/2k20lockercodes

Step by step how to redeem NBA 2K20 Locker Codes

Please follow the instructions below

  1. Open the link above to claim the free codes.
  2. Next , Click the “get locker codes button”. It is successful when a window appears and it will ask you to choose which console or pc are you using
  3. Then, Click your best choice and proceed.
  4. You need to choose what kind of reward do you want to get (for example, VC Locker Codes or Diamond Player Code)
  5. Enter your email and name (this is where the codes would be sent)
  6. Go to your email and get the code that you want to redeem

Step by Step guide to enter your Locker codes on the Game

  1. Open NBA 2K20.
  2. Find the main menu and search the “MY TEAM” tab
  3. Look for the settings tab
  4. Select the option “Locker Codes”
  5. Enter the Locker Code that you want to redeem


NBA 2K20 locker codes has a function to be expired when not used. This is a good thing for the developers and the players itself to secure the gameplay and to avoid new users enjoy the same benefits that the old users have.

So when the player inputs the locker codes after expiry, it won’t work anymore. This might sound bad for those players who are not aware of it or just not used but on the other side it has a lot more benefits to enjoy the safety gameplay.

Easy to grow

Of course everyone wants to level up fast and to conserve time. Entering every free locker codes you got from the internet would help you to have a better roster. If you are starting playing this game and you want to play it in a long run, why don’t you try redeeming some of it and if you got lucky you might win something good from free psn codes website.

Just imagine winning a score of 98 in a single card like Kawhi Leonard or Stephen Curry, it can easily carry your bunch of newbies in the team. This is not cheating but playing smart. It is hard to enjoy a game that you find yourself struggling in shooting, passing, and even defending classic players.

nba 2k20 giannis

Because NBA 2K nowadays is a sport that you can only control your character, it would be a troublesome for you if you know that your team is not that good. So it is a pleasure for old gamers of it to have those limited edition and time based lockers.

It sometimes give benefits

There are promotions that in the figurines there is a locker code. If you are a collector and die hard lover of NBA 2k series, this is a good thing because you will have an early bird access if let’s say there is a new release of 2K let’s say 2K21. What will happen is you will received free item, plus early bird access via new locker code and congratulations!

Most of the benefits given when you have a locker code is limited time only so it really makes you special as a NBA 2K player.

Tips for winning more games in NBA 2K20

Stay patient. Always remember that trusting your team even though they have a low score is a good option. Now if you have a top player in the roster then maybe you controlling one player can pass it to him every time.

Buying Virtual Currencies is also a good option since you can buy a good card for less than 2 dollars. That is less than a burger in McDonalds and almost a same price with transportation. So why not spending some? If you really enjoy the game then it is a good value for your money.

Do not be selfish in playing. I know that it is pretty boring if your character does not do all the work. But for the team to win, there should be something called teamwork, and it is called teamwork because there is a team, not a solo work.

What if you always miss? What if there are a lot of good passes that you can throw? You are just missing the opportunity to win more games. Every mistake here has a consequence and the team that has more fail plays loses the game. Do not forget that.


NBA 2K20 is such a fun sport and almost everyone love it. However, for your roster to get into the top, you need to grind the career more really hard and you need to have more patience and skill to win games. However if you can save money and you can afford to have Virtual Currencies (VC) in your account, that is better. In addition to that, redeeming new and free Locker codes would help a lot and that is why you should stay tuned for new releases every month.