Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Find answers to your questions about locker codes
To get your NBA 2K19 Locker Codes, you need to go through the steps here
Once you are at the homepage, tap or click the Get Locker Codes button.

Then, Choose your game console example (XBOX One).

Next is to Choose your Reward either Virtual Currencies or Diamond Player Code.

Final Step is to Prove that you are human, finish by entering valid information. Details like email address matter.

It is to ensure that the code is delivered to the right person.

Our sponsors supply us the codes. We require you to complete and offer to help us protect our codes from people taking as many codes as they possibly can. If we could remove them we would!
In order to see your full code, we require our visitors to complete a short survey. We hand pick every single survey to test them and make sure they are short! After you've finished one simple survey your code will be revealed a long with a bonus item!
To enter your locker codes, go to NBA 2K19 Menu, Then Select Features, and add your locker codes on the locker codes menu.
There's nothing that we can tell you to convince you, but how would we be able to give out codes for over 2 years and get over 60,000 likes on our Facebook page if we weren't legitimate!

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