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NBA 2K17 Locker Codes – Best guide to get locker codes

NBA 2K17 Locker Codes – Best guide to get locker codes

NBA 2K17 Locker Codes is a code provided by NBA 2K. It unlocks different items in NBA 2K17 game.These locker codes allow you to get virtual currencies, dunk packages and diamond player card. Locker codes are posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by 2k sports.  It is said that these codes are unique and only posted rarely to avoid improper usage. Locker codes are easy to find, if you have internet access. You can always find the list of code from different blogs but, I can only assure that the video tutorial below is far one of the best.

You can also follow this step by step tutorial provided by me.

Getting Nba 2k17 locker codes

1. Open our locker codes generator at
2. Then, tap on Get Locker Codes button, you will see a list of gaming console.
    Note: choose what is your gaming console e.g (PS4 or Xbox One).
3. Next, choose which reward do you wish to get.
    Note: you can either select from virtual currencies or diamond code.
4. Final step is to pass the verification process.
    Note: you just need to answer few questions in order to prove your a human.You will see a message like this, once     you’ve completed the verification.

After having the code, copy it somewhere else safe because the codes given can only be used once. The codes will expire for a short period of time so act fast. You might be wondering where they get the codes but, I am sure this will help you on improve your gaming experience.

All in all, I know that most of  you are looking forward to this year’s NBA 2K17. But let’s be honest with ourselves, gamers. Are you satisfied with your myCareer Player rating? I believe your not. So I thought to write this  guide on how to get  locker codes.
Drop a comment below if you have questions or suggestions.

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NBA 2K18 Locker Codes Guide to get Codes

NBA 2K18 Locker Codes Guide to get Codes

NBA 2K18 Locker Codes is a code use to unlock lot of things in NBA 2K Series. It consists of five groups of characters, five characters long mix with numbers or letters. The real use of locker codes is to serve as a virtual currency in enhancing player attributes to advancing fast in the game. VC is obtained by purchasing using real money. However, you can get the locker codes in our site for free. Just open our locker codes generator  in order to obtain a code for your console: Use the code generator here

NBA 2K18 Release Date

According to 2k sports, NBA 2k18 release date will be on September 19th and will be available in all consoles. Expect that MyCareer, MyGM and MyTeam have an updates and make it more fun. It hasn’t yet revealed if it’s available for iPhone and Android. The game will be played on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Windows PC versions. In addition, Nintendo announced that NBA 2K18 is already available for the Switch console. NBA 2K18 will be available in 3 edition which includes Legend Gold Edition, Legend Edition and Standard Edition. Shaquille O’Neal is the star cover for Legend Gold Edition and Legend Edition while Kyrie Irving is the star cover for the Standard Edition.

nba 2k18 locker codes

NBA 2K18 Features

The following speculated NBA 2K18 features is belief to be strongly materialized.

MyCareer mode has the ability to create new players. Gamers can change the player and enhance its capabilities.

Manager mode is one of the popular modes in NBA series and is expected to be retained in 2k18. In this mode, the gamer has a license to manage a team and has all the responsibilities. Others like My League and MyTeam will surely remain.

NBA 2k series gives gamers to play the game in one-on-one situation. This will raise the level of excitement and competition for gamers.

How Much is the NBA 2K18 costs?

The 3 edition of the game has different prices and inclusions. For the Standart Edition, it comes with 5,000 virtual currency, 10 MyTeam Packs and MyPlayer apparel and it costs $59.99.

Legend Edition comes with 100,000 Virtual Currency, 20 MyTeam Packs, Shaq Attaq shoes, Shaq nickname jersey and Shaq Championship ring at a price of $99.99.

Legend Gold Edition is the most expensive edition of 2K18 series and  comes with 250,000 Virtual Currency and 40 MyTeam Packs. MyPlayer items include 5 Ness Shaq jerseys, Shaq T-shirt, Shaq Attack shoes, Rookie Shaq Jersey, Shaq nickname jersey and Shaq Championship ring.

Moreover, MyPlayer character items for Legend Gold Edition Version will announce soon by 2k Sports. Pre-ordering these editions will give an access to the game four days early before the release date.

Why You Need NBA 2K18 Locker Codes?

Having virtual currency is limited, so players who have enough money can afford to buy VC using their real money. However, not players are willing to spend but they like to get packs or items. They don’t need to worry because they can now redeem items using the NBA 2K18 locker codes.

NBA 2k18 players, make sure to check out our site frequently because our Locker Codes is updated regulary. You can get directly NBA 2k18 locker codes from us because we made a good formula to claim all the codes at once.

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NBA 2K17 Review for PS4

NBA 2K17 Review for PS4

photo credits Operation Sports

NBA 2K17 was just released few days ago. Gamers were very happy and excited about the game. However, there may be more fans who have not purchased the game that’s why NBA2KWorld is doing this NBA 2K17 Review. Fans of the game should be able to decide whether the game is improved after reading this nba 2k17 review. Before anything else, this review would be based on my Playstation 4. NBA2KWorld hereby stated that the game is reviewed based on the Paul George Standard Edition.

Let’s start with the Arena.

nba 2k17 review arena

photo credits: Operation Sports

The Arena received one major upgrade, that is the arena crowd. NBA 2K Added new recordings of the arena crowd. 2k made this amazingly to remove monotony from the game. Golden State Warriors being the most noisy crowd. The floors and the court have been more detailed as compared to nba 2k16. Pack with different lightings and ambience, NBA 2K17 Arena are more Realistic.

There is also an upgrade to the NBA 2K17 game commentary. Chris Webber and Doris Burke are included in the game as commentators.

Moving out from the appearance review.
The game would be also reviewed based from the following:
1. Ball-handling
2. Shooting
3. Defending
4. Game Modes

So let’s Start


In the game, NBA Players seemed to be more protective with the ball this year. They can easily drive to the basket without forcing a turnover. Flicking the right analog stick let’s you protect the ball from the defender. Meanwhile, there are also changes with regards to the crossover as NBA 2K17 decided to add Allen Iverson’s crossover move to the series. It will take to master dribbling moves but once you practice, you will easily get to the basket from time to time.


Players are deadlier. JJ Reddick, Damian Lillard to name a few. The all new shot meter is somewhat questionable for me because there is more need on timing. Pressing the shot button immediately will be a pain for your game. You should practice timing to beat your friends. If you are player is very tired, your shooting percentage and accuracy decreases.


It has been very good for this year’s NBA 2K17. The AI are more intelligent in stealing the ball. It has the same control for the nba 2k17, Pressing the L2 Button allows you to lockdown opposing player.
As the previous series, locking down defender would defend on your defensive attribute. Players should be aware of this.

Game modes

There are different game modes in NBA 2K17. MyCareer, MyLeague, MyGM, MyPark and NBA 2K17 Locker codes feature

Read More: What is NBA 2K17 Locker Codes?

MyCareer is far one of the best game modes to see. It is fully packed with cinematic story mode with upgrades. Michael B. Jordan has been added to the game as your duo and will be also known as Young Justice. In the game, you will be able to switch and direct control to both player. This is what I like in the game.

In MyLeague, you can customize your game and the number of games per season. It works the same as the previous series. There is nothing much to talk about this as the development for this mode is stagnant.

Next is MyGM, this game is pretty much the same. You will be the General Manager for your team handling the work of trading picks and the likes. I would like to emphasized the use of MyGM mode. This is one of the best mode to try in your first 3 days of playing the game.

Last Game mode to check is the MyPark. I heard that the servers were already upgraded. It means that you will be able to play less latency with 2K servers.
The game mode is fully packed with new animations in the park and you’ll be able to achieve better if you have crew in the park.

All in all, I say that NBA 2K17 should be a must game to purchase this year. You can experience lots of fun by playing the game. All the thrills on and off the court will be available. The Latest Face Scan Feature is more accurate than the previous game. If you want to look at yourself as a player in the game, you should take this game before the year end.

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Doris Burke, Chris Webber Added to NBA 2K17 Commentary Team

Doris Burke, Chris Webber Added to NBA 2K17 Commentary Team

nba 2k17 commentary
Commentary is one of the most controversial part of any video game. It can make or break your interest to the game. These commentaries are useful to improve gaming experience. Once a gamer disliked it, you just wasted another fan of the game.

With just few weeks ahead and you will be able to play on NBA 2K17. NBA 2K posted a video about NBA 2K17 Commentary. In the video, Doris Burke and Chris Webber is added to the official lists of commentators. Meaning, they will join the team of Kevin Harlan and Greg Anthony.

Moreover, I know that it sounded like similar to Madden NFL 17 but, this game commentary will make a huge impact on your game. NBA 2K made this approach to seal the monotony from the game.

Do you agree that NBA 2K16 commentary is a bit boring? If yes, then this approach will solve it.
You can see the full video trailer below.

NBA 2K17 Commentary Video Trailer

Hall of Famer Steve Smith told that the game is amazing in many ways. He said that the game new dynamics on commentary systems is a new idea to make the game realistic.Furthermore, the game analysts were invited to record their actual voice.

Later in the video,  we see how nba 2k17 improved its in-game audio. 2K sports added new pack of recorded voice lines from different coaches in the league. On the other hand, this update included 11 national broadcasters, 400 hours of commentary, and new post-game report.

Lastly, Your myCareer Player will have a chance to be interviewed by Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith. You can answer by choosing from the options.

NBA 2K17 Commentary is a solid idea for NBA 2K. It is something to look for in NBA 2K17 Game.
You can still pre-order it if you have time.